Aug 2018:  Adam Wilson (b. 1971) is a self-taught emerging American painter and New Genres conceptual artist. His oil paintings are text-based works that explore form, language, and meaning. His related New Genres installations and performance works examine norms, legal structures, and irrationality in society.  His creativity comes in part from mental illness --- he was diagnosed with bipolar I almost 20 years ago. In 2014, his art began --- it literally began pouring out. This was in the aftermath of hitting rock bottom, when he lost almost everything, including his life. The subsequent change in medicine resulted in the art you see here --- the works come from his sustained, managed, mild hypomanias, which he and his psychiatrist monitor continuously . . . . Wilson, who is also an emerging mental health advocate and speaker, is a Stanford lawyer who clerked for a federal appellate judge and practiced law at some of the leading law firms in the world for almost a decade. He has no art degree and has received no art training. Through self-study, his work is influenced by Wool, Kruger, Holzer, Ruscha, Baldessari, Twombly, Nauman, Kusama, Rosen, and others . . . . ARTIST STATEMENT: It just started pouring out. I paint and make what comes, and it comes fast, in my natural hypomanic highs. I try to teach myself as much as I can, and my voice is becoming my own. I'm not for everyone, but if I'm your fix, you might not quite find me anywhere else. When the art started coming, I'd lost almost everything. It helped me come back. Still does. So I'm going to paint it and make it the way it comes. The best ones have such loose associations and ambiguity; they interrupt assumptions in the heart and mind. I want to make a growing, cohesive narrative from such works, over the rest of my life, and I will work hard to keep it beholden to no one . . . . UPDATE MID 2018: After about 25 smaller sales in the past 3 years, serious collectors acquired several large / oversized oils starting in late 2017. I intend to continue to offer just one or two oils each year. Mid-sizes are acquired at about 17k; large, about 20k; large-scale / oversized, about 25k. Separately, large signed limited edition ink on paper prints are acquired at about 10k, and small sketches for these works are being acquired between 1k and 1.5k.  For the one or two oils that I make available each year, I love to collaborate with serious collectors, including on size and layout; let's chat . . . . Finally, I have two large text-based installations and several New Genres performance works planned or underway for 2018.
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Self-taught; sculpted and painted sporadically during 20s and 30s; an unexpected explosion of painting and conceptual art starting at age 42, in 2014. J.D., Stanford Law, B.A., University of Pennsylvania.
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For availability and details about an oil, let's chat -- I work with collectors / their agents so that you're thrilled; one-of-a-kind sizes and layouts are possible; currently, mid-size oils sell for approx. 17k; large oils, approx. 20k; oversized oils approx. 25k.  The mid-sizes are roughly 4.5 x 5.5 feet (portrait orientation) ranging up to the large-scale / oversized works at roughly 5 x 8 feet (landscape orientation) and larger.  As stated above, I will only be offering one or two of these text oils per year.

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Adam Daley Wilson / Arts District / Art Museum Area, 180 High Street, Portland Maine 04101


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