Performance Art

Selected Performance Works 2017 - present

  • I Walked 50 Miles Through L.A. And Didn’t Get Discovered. 7-day performance in which the artist walked 50 miles through six Los Angeles neighborhoods, including Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Downtown, Venice Beach, the Arts District. April 11-21, 2019, Los Angeles.

  • The Waves Go In, The Waves Go Out (April 11-21, 2019, Los Angeles).

  • In Hollywood and Beverly Hills The Phones Are All Thin. (April 19-21, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, and Beverly Hills).

  • Would You Like To Have Some Conceptual Ownership? (Just Who Has The Illness Of The Mind?). 4-day performance accompanied by video, installation, tangible art ownership experiment, and conceptual social justice ownership experiment. A guest artist project, by unsolicited invitation, from The Other Art Fair (TOAF), Nov 8-11, 2018, New York City.

  • Some Feelings And Thoughts I’ll Have Any Second, New York City, TOAF, Nov 2017. 4-day performance with installation and conceptual video. New York City.

  • Raw and Refined, London, 10-day performance at TOAF and a London flat with six millenials, Oct 2017. London.

  • From Stigma and Shame To Recovery And Redemption, New York City, TOAF, June 2017. 4-day performance with new media works and conceptual video. New York City.

Other Performance Works (titles pending or performance work is experimental and/or ongoing)

  • Will You Let Me Validate You? (April 2019 - present) Portland, Maine. Ongoing.

  • Do We Even See Our Ano-sog-no-sia? (Anosognosia No. 2) (March 2019 - present). Portland Maine, New York City, Washington D.C. Ongoing.

  • Who Knew There Are Better Things To Do Than To Apologize? (January 2019 - present) Portland, Maine. Ongoing.

  • Tell Me What You Know About Theory and Philosophy (January 11-13, 2019) New York City.

  • New York City 1-3, June 2017 (Three related works).

  • New York City 4, June 2017.

  • London 2, Nov 2017.

  • Venice 1-2, Oct 2017 (Two separate works).

  • Portland 1, (May 2017 - present).

  • Portland 2, (June 2017 - present).

  • Let Me See If I Can See My Ano-sog-no-sia, (Anosognosia No. 1) (April 2013 - present).

  • One Day At A Time, (April 2013 - present).

  • The Thing About Some Creations Is They Grow Up, (April 2013 - present).

  • See What We Are Creating, (April 2013 - present).